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Randall’s Roofing does the best flat roof repairs rebuilds and recoats in Tucson. Here’s our process.

To do a flat roof properly you must start at the top of the parapit wall. All cracks in the top of the wall must be patched with rubber cement. The top of the wall must then be coated with roof coating, as house paint does not seal the stucco. This eliminates frost damage, and leaks down the wall.

All skylights need to be sealed with silicone, where the plastic dome goes under the aluminum frame. Skylights leak if this important step is not done. Any and all drip edges must be re-nailed each time a roof gets coated to prevent summer monsoon blowoffs.

Rebuild old scuppers

Most importantly, on all roofs over 10 years old, rebuilding scuppers is a necessity. 95% of all leaks are caused in the scupper area. Because they carry and puddle water, this low end of the roof wears out ten times faster than the high side of the roof due to water travel.

Scuppers can be rebuilt with polyester roof membrane to include the throat, pond, and drain way of the scupper. When this repair is made, flat roofs behave quite nicely.

For new roofs, additions, or severely damaged roofs, or scuppers, Randall’s Roofing applies a thick rubberized membrane to serve as a brand new, cannot-leak rubberized water barrier. We can then coat over this with top grade Elastomeric roof coating. All broken areas must always be patched with polyester roof membrane or these areas will just open back up. Now that your roof barrier has been restored, we can address the top coating.

Apply Roof Coating

So finally, the roof coating itself is imperatively important. Elastomeric is not just a water seal, but also a UV block. To keep the sun off your felt paper and tar, water barrier, we use a top-grade elastomeric made right here in Tucson that is of the highest quality. This product remains flexible, bright white, and reduces daytime operating temperatures from 140 to 100 degrees. With high quality titanium dioxide pigment this is a superior product.

Elastomeric must be applied thick enough or it offers no protection. A flat roof is a great roof. You can see everything, reach everything, and repair everything.

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The problem in Tucson is that there is no other roofer who will address all these steps, do all this work, and apply elastomeric to the proper millage. This is what we do. We are standalone in offering the best flat roof repairs and recoats in the business.

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