Commercial Roof Coating

Monsoons and the scorching heat of the summer are major problems that affect commercial roofs in Arizona. Over time roofs start leaking because of damage done by the harsh elements. So how do you protect your flat roof in the long run? Elastomeric rubberized roof coatings can protect flat roofs for a very long time. In fact, properly maintained rubberized roofs can last 50 to 60 years!

Rubberized Roofing for Commercial Buildings

Rubberized roof coating is an excellent water barrier. But first, any crack or specific water leaking area must be fixed starting right from the parapet wall. As the flat roofs in commercial buildings tend to have relatively low slopes, the water can effortlessly settle around the scupper. Additionally, rebuilding a scupper becomes the ideal choice for older commercial buildings. Secondly, any skylight leaking must be sealed with silicone. The patching is done with polyester roof membrane over all broken areas and to rebuild all scuppers. Finally, the roof coating is done with a high-quality elastomeric coating. An elastomeric coating protects and reflects the sun’s UV lights from damaging the waterproofing, if the elastomeric coating is thick enough.

Benefits of Rubberized Roofing
in Commercial Buildings

Using rubberized roofing for flat roofs in commercial buildings has more than one benefit.

Rubberized coating is exceptionally effective in terms of cost and functionality.

A leak without notice can travel widely, leading to rotting in the roofing layers. Hence, doubling your repairing cost. But installing a rubberized roofing membrane can significantly reduce the overall maintenance in the long run.

The bright white elastomeric coating reflects the UV lights and significantly reduces the daytime temperature.

Repairing or recoating a commercial flat roof requires a lot of professionalism in reassuring its functionality for many years. Despite working with the elastomeric coating, you’ll have to actually look into the damage in water barriers.

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