Rubberized Coating
for Flat Roofs

Is your roof safe from the elements? While it might look so, sunlight, rain, hail, and snow constantly affect the integrity of the roof. When left unprotected, they can cause lasting damage to the roofing system.

A modern state of the art rubberized roof coating not only keeps your roof protected in all seasons but is also energy efficient and saves money.

Rubberized Roof Coating

We start with cleaning the roof. A clean roof makes all the difference between a durable roof that lasts for many years or just a few months. Any repairs and cracks will then be repaired to maintain the integrity of the roof.

Finally, a coat of elastomeric coating protects the roof from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The key to coating a roof is to use an industrial double roll applied with a thick inch and one quarter rolling sleeve.

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The Benefits

While rubberized roof coating protects the roof from the damage caused by the elements, it also has a few advantages.

  • Long-lasting with minimal maintenance.
  • It reflects the UV rays and protects the structure of the roof.
  • The reflecting UV rays bring down the temperature from 140 to 100 degrees.
  • The seamless application makes for a waterproof roof and prevents ponding water.
  • The roof coating can extend the life of your roof by decades. Properly maintained and coated roofs can last 50 to 60 years!
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