Residential Roof Coating

Flat roofs are getting more popular with homeowners around Tucson because of their inexpensive installation and durability. Although sustainable, these roofs are never free from the bashing weather conditions of southwest Arizona. The harsh sun and the occasionally hitting storms can wear very hard on your roof coatings, leading to hairline fractures and blisters all over your roofing. Consequently, this damage leads to water leakage in your house.

How To Prevent Leaks From Residential Roofing?

A rubberized roofing membrane can protect and maintain your flat roofs from leaking for many years. If it’s properly maintained, your rubberized roof can even last 50 to 60 years! Firstly, you have to know that flat roofs are not exactly flat, but they offer slopes at such a low angle that water doesn’t flood your roof. As a result, the water gathers around the scupper, and hence the scuppers and the low side of the roof wear out ten times faster than the high side of the roof. 95% of all leaks on flat roofs is caused by scuppers.

The first step in reviving damaged roofing is to reinforce all the cracks and damages with the polyester roofing membrane to prevent them from cracking again. Also, check the parapet walls and patch the cracks, if any, with rubber cement. Secondly, installing a rubber coating membrane, an excellent sealant that prevents water from entering your roofing. Where the plastic dome goes under the aluminum frame is where skylights leak and must be siliconed each time a roof is coated. Finally, once the water barrier is fixed, an elastomeric coating is done on the roofing. The elastomeric coating is not only a water sealant but also an excellent UV block. All drip edges must be re-nailed each time a roof is coated.

Benefits of Rubberized Roofing
in Residential Buildings

Did you know? You can also cut down on your heating and cooling costs by using the rubberized coating for your flat roofs. These coatings provide the perfect insulation during cold weather and maintain optimum temperature protecting from the heat during summers. A white roof coating reduces temperatures to 100 degrees when everything else is 140 or more.

A rubberized roofing membrane protects your roofing from harsh weather conditions in the long run and is also easy to maintain. For more details, contact Randall’s Rubberized Roofing as we offer the best eco-friendly, durable, and lightweight roof coatings for residential houses in Tucson.

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