What is Rubber Roof Coating?

A rubber roof coating is just what you’d think: liquid rubber designed for roof application. There are many different brands and types of rubber roof coating with their own mixed-in components and cost benefits.

We use a thick coat of acrylic polymer elastomeric made in Tucson. It can expand and shrink to maintain its integrity despite extreme temperatures experienced in Arizona.

The Benefits of Rubber Roof Coating

Heat Reflection

Black and steel roofs can be searing hot in the summer, they can get up to 190+ degrees. Typical white roofs average out around 140 degrees, but the bright white elastomeric rubberized roof coating that we use can take the surface temperature down from 140 to 100 degrees.

Water Resistance

Rubberized elastomeric coating is 100% waterproof. We always apply a thick coat of rubber roof coating on top of layers of tar and felt paper, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any leakage. That’s why we offer a 7 Year No Leak Warranty on all approved roofs.

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